Discipline: Nursing

Type of Paper: Term paper

Academic Level: Master's

Paper Format: APA

Pages: 2 Words: 550


56 year old African American male -hypertensive man is being evaluated as new patient. His BP is 170/95. His fundoscopic exam reveals hypertensive retinopathy. 

•PMH: HTN and Hyperlipidemia 

•PE:  BP 170/95- 82  BMI 32, negative thyromegaly or carotid bruits

•Social: smokes 1 ppd since age 15; wine 2 glasses / day

1.What are three differential diagnoses?

2.What is the end organ damage?

3.How would you treat this patient identify (1) pharmacological and  (1) non-pharmacological treatment?

4.According to JNC8 what stage of HTN is this patient

5.Identify initial labs and diagnostic tests for HTN